Flock of Dodos (2006)

"Flock of Dodos" is a documentary feature film written and directed by Randy Olson that the National Review called, "an important accomplishment," and Smithsonian Magazine picked for their list of, "Ten Science Movies We Loved From The 2000's." The movie premiered at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, aired on Showtime for two years, is distributed on DVD by New Video (home video) and Documentary Educational Resources (educational video), and can be viewed on Netflix. For Darwin Day (February 12) in 2007 it was screened at over 100 museums and universities.

The movie captured the tension in the summer of 2005 when the Kansas School Board was taken over by a major of members supporting the teaching of "intelligent design" alongside the teaching of evolution in science classes. Interviews from both sides of the controversy are combined with a poker game among evolutionists as well as commentary from Randy Olson's mother, Muffy Moose in a film that poses the question of, "Who are the dodos?" and let's the viewer decide.